Non-standard exhibition stands

You knew that statistically most people are visuals. This means that they receive the main information through sight. And here it does not matter how well or poorly a person sees, he will always rely on his eyes.

You will be noticed at any exhibition.

Attractive stands help sell.

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Attracts attention

Why do you need this knowledge when preparing for the exhibition? The success of your work will directly depend on how competently you plan to use the rented exhibition space and how attractive your stand will be for exhibition guests.

It is no secret that an exhibition stand is an excellent weapon in the fight against competitors. Want to neutralize them in one shot and still do it effectively? Then choose a non-standard exhibition solution.

Выставка МИТТ Moscow Крокус Экспо

What will be the recipe for your exhibition success?

An individual project, flavored with a non-standard layout with original decorative elements, will allow you to stand out from the competition and at the same time stay within the planned budget.

Fabrics, plastic, self-adhesive films and glass will transform a typical stand structure into an exclusive design solution. The project can include sound and light equipment, light panels or illumination, use light or water installations made in the corporate colors of the company. It is not always necessary to create something complex in order to be noticed, sometimes laconicism works much more efficiently!

When creating a design project, an LGROUP specialist will take into account not only
the aesthetic side of the issue. An ideal exhibition space, in addition to stylish design, should also have functional elements that will provide a comfortable environment for both exhibition guests and exhibitors. Standard exhibition modules allow you to quickly design a stand, providing for all the main areas necessary for productive work at the exhibition: racks for placing information materials, utility rooms, meeting rooms, changing rooms for employees and much more.

An individual approach and competent design, combined with high quality and reliability of structures, will provide a result that invariably exceeds all expectations.

Stand examples

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