Exhibition stands – professional building

LGROUP is a leading company in the construction of individual exhibition stands. We are confident that a high-quality exhibition stand conveys your brand image, increases product awareness and encourages a potential client to get to know you better.


Experts will develop an exclusive design for your stand.


Original stand design for your uniqueness.


Creation of an exhibition stand, taking into account the specifics of the site.

LGROUP is a modern exhibition stand builder

A team of professionals who follow the latest exhibition trends and are always ready to provide their clients with first class products and services.

Types of exhibition stands

Volumetric elements, podiums, screens, full-color printing, original lighting.
Original appearance, information content, high quality materials.
Special equipment and original objects created according to the corporate identity of the customer.
Sophisticated exhibition stands built of extra strong materials in compliance with all technical norms and standards.
Fast installation and minimal cost.


Exhibitions with LGROUP

Everything you want to know about exhibition stand construction.

    • We create a design for an exhibition stand;
    • We prepare project documentation;
    • We pass accreditation in the technical control of exhibition complexes;
    • We produce the necessary elements for the exhibition stand;
    • We carry out installation and subsequent dismantling of the stand.
    • We know all the intricacies of the work of exhibition complexes;
    • We comply with building rules and regulations, requirements of supervisory authorities;
    • Pre-testing the materials used;
    • We are introducing the latest innovations in the industry;
    • Sharing experience with foreign partners;
    • We provide discounts for regular customers.
  • We use imported materials and equipment in our work, we comply with all existing standards. This allows us to guarantee the reliability of the stand. Exhibitions are held under the accompaniment of security, so the occurrence of force majeure is minimized. We know that a job well done is a reason to come back to us.



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