Exclusive exhibition stands

An exclusive exhibition stand differs from the standard one primarily by its original design, which reveals the specifics of the company and allows it to be distinguished from competitors. It is made of high quality materials and represents a non-standard design, which becomes a bright accent of the exhibition space.

Stand out from the competition at the trade show.

Attract more customers to your business.

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Your stand is unique

To be exclusive means to be something special, standing out from the gray mass, unique in its kind. Perhaps your product is not the only one on the market, you are surrounded by competitors who dream of ousting you.

In this case, an exclusive exhibition stand will help distinguish you from many other companies in the exhibition space, which will allow your clients or potential consumers to feel your uniqueness.

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When do you order exclusive exhibition stands from us?

  • The company occupies a leading position in the market. Such exhibition stands help to highlight the uniqueness of the brand and increase sales.
  • The company has many competitors. Making such a stand will help distinguish the company from others and improve its image.
  • The target audience needs surprise and novelty. Potential clients will be impressed by such a stand and will want to get to know the company and its products better.

This type of development will allow you to implement any non-standard design solution. Volumetric elements on the walls, ceiling draperies, a multi-level podium, the use of screens and panels at an exclusive exhibition stand, full-color printing, original lighting systems, etc. – everything that will allow your potential customers to draw attention to you and make them stop near your stand.

Before creating a design project, our specialists will study the history of your brand, your corporate traditions, the features of your product and the desires of the target audience. In a conversation with the customer, we find out how many employees will be involved in the exhibition, what zones and rooms will need to be created during the construction of the stand, how many information stands there will be, whether the company will hold sweepstakes, contests or performances. The end result of the designer’s work is a 3D model that will clearly show the view of the future exhibition stand.

After creating a stand design project, architects and designers are involved in the work. They carefully calculate the size and location of every detail so that the future exclusive stand is not only bright and comfortable, but also safe. At the very end, decorators and, if desired, florists work with an exclusive exhibition stand, who transform the structure into a cozy home.

We will not only create an exclusive stand for you, but also prepare all the necessary documentation, deliver it to the exhibition venue, carry out the installation and subsequent dismantling of the stand.

When creating exclusive exhibition stands, we are guided not only by your wishes, but also by the specifics of the site where the exhibition will be held. Thanks to our many years of experience in the leading exhibition spaces of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Ufa and Minsk, we know how to place the elements of an exclusive stand so that it harmoniously fits into the surrounding space and takes advantage of all the advantages of its location. … The result will be the creation of a stand that will fulfill all the goals for which it was built: it will set you apart from your competitors, attract customers, make your product memorable, and create an excellent reputation for your company.

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